Double, double, toil and trouble

August 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

We’ve been having an uncharacteristic heat wave here in beautiful BC, but it seems to have finally broken.

This inevitably has led me to start thinking about fall.  

This led to thinking about having fun indoors. 

This led to thinking about crafts! 

(This also led to thinking about HALLOWEEN. But more about that later.)

Finally, Nemo is old enough to start crafts!

*wheezing with excitement*

I’ve been doing some internet-sleuthing for age-appropriate crafts for Nemo for a while. I’ve definitely found some cute sites, like ToddlerToddler and AmazingMoms, but what I really wanted was a kind of Mommy Toolbox of easy tips and tricks. I ended up finding a great book in the Early Childhood Education section of my local library: Surviving Your TODDLER: 365 Creative Games and Activities to Satisfy the Unique Challenges of Your One to Three Year Old.

The book itself is good, but where it really shines is in the APPENDICES!

Oh, how I love me some good Appendices!

I found the mother lode. Recipes for different bubble solutions, paints, playdoughs, clays, glue and pastes!  

There are too many to list here, but here’s my cheat sheet for bubbles and paint.


Get yourself some dish soap (Method Pink Grapefruit smells divine and is kind to our lovely planet), glycerine (available at most pharmacies), and unflavoured gelatin*, like Knox.

*The gelatin is only required in one of the three recipes. If you’re a vegetarian or it just makes you squeamish, just skip that one. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s that gelatin made from the boiled bones, skins and tendons of animals. Yes, really. No, I’m not trying to gross you out, I just think everyone should be aware of what they eat. Or put in bubbles.

STRAIGHT-UP BUBBLES: Use a ratio of 8:1 water to dish soap, and then add some glycerine (try a tablespoon for a small batch).

BA-BA-BOUNCY BUBBLES: Yes, these will bounce off your frickin’ clothes. Maybe it’s the souls of the dead animals! Mix 2 packages of unflavoured gelatine with 4 cups of hot water, 4T glycerine, and 3T dish soap.

HARDCORE BUBBLES: Super strong bubbles! 2:1 water to dish soap and about 2 T of glycerine.


You probably have most of this in your cupboard right now… sugar, cornstarch, dish soap, flour, salt, and food colouring. Plus, you’ll feel much better about the fact your kid is trying to eat it if you know what’s in it.  I do.


Mix 3T sugar with ½ c cornstarch in a pan over low heat, add 2 c cold water and stir until mixture thickens. Remove from heat; add food colouring and a bit of soap. Stir/cool before using. Store it in the fridge.

Mix 1 c flour with 2T salt in a pan over low heat, add 1 ½ c cold water and whisk until smooth. Then add 1 ¼ C hot water, and boil until thick. Throw in some food colouring. Store it in the fridge.



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