Return to Routine

September 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

Wow, things have been absolutely wild lately.  We had two back-to-back weekends away and then topped it off with Nemo’s long-awaited bilateral nasolacrimal duct surgery (fancy way of saying they roto-rootered his tear ducts).   Now that life is starting to return to normal, I’m looking forward to making the most of Nem’s first fall as a toddler, hitting the local trails (I’m a weenie when it comes to outdoor running when it’s hot out) and fitting in a bit of writing.

Stay tuned for little known facts about April Wine, notes on vicarious small-town living, musings re: talking politics with Americans, my major crush on the Olympia, WA Farmers Market, what qualifies as “kid-friendly” yogurt in a U.S. grocery store, Husband’s long-awaited reunion with the Carl’s Jr Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger and other adventures in American fast food, and finally a bit about our surgical daycare experience at BC Childrens Hospital (hint, those folks are angels). 

In the meantime, here’s Nem’s narrow escape from my attempted capture of his ridiculous hospital gown cuteness:


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