Manly Tea

September 30, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’ve been on a bit of a Craigslist bender lately. 

Selling, mind you.  Not buying.  And some of the first items to head to the chopping block were our sunloungers that we never use.  We bought them a few years back specifically for townhouse’s patio and they’ve never fit anywhere since.  (We move.  A lot.  We’re on our third place since then.)  So, I spent the better part of a morning making them presentable, before moving them into our driveway to dry in the sun.  Not terribly eager to have to repeat the job later, I ducked up the steps to our landlord’s place and asked if I could store them in the garage for a few days.

Can I just say we have the best landlords ever?  Truly, they are the sweetest.  Not only could I shanghai most of the available garage floorplace with my bulky loungers, Nat invited me in to check out some toys their girls (7 & 12) had outgrown: a toy kitchen and an adorable art desk.  Did I want the desk, and did I know of a little girl who would like the kitchen?

YES, and sort of…  I knew of a little BOY who would probably freaking *love* that kitchen: Nemo.  Since Nem was napping, I told Nat that we’d be up around dinner time to see if the kitchen tickled his fancy.  With Husband to do the heavy lifting.

I don’t remember Husband’s exact reaction when I told him about the kitchen, but it wasn’t terribly impressed.  I made a deal with him:  if Nem showed no interest in the kitchen, we’d pass it along to one of his (yes, probably girl) friends.  I think Husband may have been counting on our rough and tumble, car-obsessed little toddler passing right over the girly kitchen, but not so.  His eyes lit up as soon as he saw it, and made a beeline to open and close the cupboards and turn the knobs.

Yes, it would appear that our son would be getting a purple and pink play kitchen.

We moved it downstairs where I set it up in a corner of our kitchen, and Nemo was in there like a dirty shirt: opening/closing the microwave, opening/closing the oven, slamming around plates and chewing on pretend food.

Husband, half-joking: “If he turns out gay, I’m blaming this.”

At this point, my love of poking fun at Husband and playing with stickers collided…

Girly kitchen?  How about now?

What about this?

Is this better?

I really had far too much fun with this impromptu project.

And MY kitchen has gotten considerably more awesome since Nemo got his.

Nemo’s ultra-manly Cafe.  Now with free Wi-Fi.


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§ 2 Responses to Manly Tea

  • Gammahamma says:

    Probably the coolest man-kitchen yet!! Nemo is one lucky kid!! Loved the read, keep them coming.

  • wombat says:

    Love it! Munchkin makes a beeline for the play kitchen at all of his girlfriends houses. I’ve been considering getting him one for Christmas but the reaction I got from his father when I brought home a doll has put me off! Am gonna get hubby to read this post and see if I can change his mind.

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